Heineken use HRH Prince Charles in their “Save Our Pubs” campaign #Wales

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HRH Prince Charles visited one of our pubs in #Wales to meet the licensee and locals. 👏
We’re supporters of Pub is The Hub – pubs play a hugely important role in communities and we know they have a vital role in tackling loneliness too.
Find out more 👉 https://www.heineken.co.uk/the-prince-of-wales-visits…/

Laura Whitmore sells Muff potato gin #alcoholad



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Póg mo Magh

St Paddy’s Day cocktail @muffliquorco
( featuring @jepicpics @iaindoesjokes and Mick the dog ☘️) #unboxing
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Brilliant just catching now loved the Irish music!!. DD polka reminds me of playing my fiddle years ago!… 😩🙈

Jack Daniel’s 40% alcohol use Megha Gupta

meghaguptaofficialMy life is all but balancing of various activities, people and professions, a little bit of my own ying & yang, just like this pomegranate and JD, a juggling act.
And in between those times, I sneak time for my soul, I do what makes me happy, I be impulsive.
Just like the last few fun hours I took out from my calendar and let loose.